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Qis Bool Options_Reset will reset this setting to the default value of 1.5 When used alongside Qis Bool Options_Set Leonov Output(e LEONOV_OUT_BUTTING, Handle) and Convexing (in-X or Full) the butting edges are going to be horizontal or vertical depending on the value of the ratio.

Warnings If the data set contains very long and narrow polygons in the same direction as the stripes, this could result in thinly-sliced (along the direction of the stripes) polygons.

(Does this actually do this directly or does it create a temporary uncompressed file on disk?

Programmer's notes are not clear.) Ignore User Specified Cells on Open/Load A new function, instructs the library to ignore specific cells by their name or by use of regular expressions.

Parameters Note Must be called prior to Qis Lib_Open GDSII or Qis Lib_Open OASIS Cell Extents Computation Improved cell extents calculation for cells with paths along the cell's bounding box.

The new extents calculation is more precise and takes into account the path width and path end cap.

Qis Bool Changes A number of fixes and ehancements to the Boolean have been made.

Bug Fix a call to Qis Bool Options_Reset caused Qis Bool_Union MT to run single-threaded. Enhancement in Boolean Qis Bool Options_Set Convex Output Qis Bool_Union MT is now multi-threaded Enhancement in Boolean Throughput Unless the user intentionally sets to ON, an improved algorithm will allocate data to the available threads resulting in improved throughput.

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As long as actual ratio for a specified input data set is less than this value; the input data set will be partitioned into a set of horizontal stripes stacked vertically.


  1. The news was further propagated by Magazine who mentioned that their marriage was in ‘Jeopardy’ due to Justin’s continual absence, and Jessica feeling insecure with him, considering the lack of trust between them especially with other women.

  2. is to get our seniors online together by offering a great place for seniors citizen and elder crowd to interact with each other, and talk about religion, sports, life, relationships, family, romance, friendship, politics, retirement plans, health, insurance and about anything in mature way.

  3. (2d) How to handle/trap package validation error in SSIS (3d) Get Working Day Number/Days Left in Month (3d) How do I order a list with entries like z?

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