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Bring him around (if they will allow that) and invite them to do things with the two of you.Remind them not to say things that will offend your boyfriend too.If you know he is an outspoken liberal and your parents are unbudging republicans, tell him to avoid talking politics at all costs.

Try not to let this ruin your relationship with your parents.

It’s important to respect their viewpoints and sometimes agree to disagree if you don’t feel they are being fair.

If you’re madly in love with this guy, do your best to tell him what your parents are like and how they might be different than other people’s parents.

If you’re parents are offended by swearing, tell him to make sure to watch the way he speaks.

Remember, if we are transitioning our careers, we wouldn’t want to be judged for how much or little money we had right?

Try to listen to your parents and then think realistically if their points have any footing or if they are just trying to control your life.

Remember boyfriends can be temporary but parents will be there if you break up.

In order to maintain peace in this situation, do your best to see from your parents eyes and from your boyfriend’s eyes.

Stay positive and be kind to everyone in this situation as you go through this process. We know this is not an ideal situation to be in however the silver lining is that you can grow to become a better person as you work to resolve this.


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