Why interracial dating not accepted

Came upon the article recently and found that much of what I wrote back then is still true today.Especially when his family has always been so accepting of me while my family is constantly telling me to break up with him.It has nothing to do with our races, but the differences in our cultures and us being discriminated against. Wanted to go to her house and play with her little brothers and sisters like I did with my niece and nephew. Get frustrated at the reality that people will judge us regardless, but will stay positive and believe in love. No matter who you date, you should always be willing to let them know the whole you and what makes you who you are and that person should be willing to accept you. It never happened because for one I was very shy, and also because my parents told me never to date Americans.

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Hey, you should be glad other people want to date you!

Ve realized that the Hmong take it to another level as a sign of respect and community.

Ll feel uncomfortable just as uncomfortable as you have.

But being around some ignorant relatives I still hear remarks.

Know that one person your talking about in your highschool year.

Uncomfortable with what people might be thinking of me because from time to time, i do hear whispers and see nasty looks. Do share some of your experiences, good or bad with interracial dating or dating in general. Even our own race we tend to also try to keep them a secret from our family as well.

It makes me feel like we are doing something wrong. Marries another race, understand that the cultures are different. Maybe your experiences can help someone who has found this article.

Hate it when my sisters or brothers and aunts and uncles complain about their loves or problems or divorces unstable lives no one wants to hear that.

Combined much of what I wrote then to how I feel now, but it is mostly unedited.


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  7. Study: “A Meta-Analysis of School-Based Interventions Aimed to Prevent or Reduce Violence in Teen Dating Relationships” Authors: Lisa De La Rue (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Joshua R.

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