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Why do some women get the attention of all the great guys, while others end up alone..with "little boys" who can't commit and aren't emotionally available?

If you're looking to attract the right man, keep him around as long as you want, and put an end to bad relationships, this audiobook is for you. - How women who are "naturally" good with men control relationship issues that involve compromise.

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Because if things with Hannah don't end up working out, you better believe there will be a few enthusiastic candidates more than willing to date him next.

However, given what fans know about Peter and how much he seems to have fallen for Hannah, odds are that if she doesn't pick him, he's going to need some time to emotionally recuperate before immediately jumping back into a relationship.

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- A quick and foolproof way to tell if he's "The One." - Three activities you can do with a man (and your friends) which will create a lasting emotional connection..avoid jealousy! the info provided was common sense, but sometimes we need reminders about thinking logically and not getting caught up in the fairy tale romance stuff.

- A common "sign of weakness" that doesn't just turn men off, but actually pushes them away. overall, this was a very well thought out, thorough book.

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is the living, breathing embodiment of a classic "boy next door." He's kind, sweet, and charming, and let's not forget about the time he adorably asked Hannah to be his official girlfriend.

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