Who is layla kayleigh dating

Sleeps when her best friends wake up yet always there to talk to. She loves a good time and LOVES closeness with people.

An independent, strong girl, willing to give and receive to anyone honest with her.

Loved and wanted by many yet unattainable because she's too independent and free.

"Treat Facebook like an online dating profile," says Rachel.

If a guy sees a bad photo of you on Facebook or weird things on your profile, he may not give you a chance." Rachel suggests crafting the image you want to project on Facebook.

They know a thing or two about relationships, but more importantly, they know other single people who are marriage-minded.

Once you're satisfied with your profile, she suggested playing a game she calls "I Spy a Facebook Guy." Here's how it works: Give yourself 10 days to cruise around your friends' Facebook pages and find 50 guys that you think are interesting.

The Frisky: I slept with your husband and here's why 3.

When you mention in casual conversation to your "village" that you are looking to meet someone this year, ask "how." That way you are enlisting them in your search.

Person 1: Who's this girl in the amazing clothes?

"Pick five words that represent you and make sure your Facebook profile reflects those five words," she says.

On 20 October, Layla participated in a dance contest with the other Smack Down!

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