Who is jessica from true blood dating hostile and intimidating workplace

As they are being taken Jessica tells James her name.

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As Steve is about to drink the Tru Blood James takes pity on him telling him not to drink it because it is contaminated.

Steve heeds his warnings but later caves and gives the information to his ex wife Sarah.

In the general population they begin giving out the Tru Blood and James grabs his bottle but does not drink it.

Steve Newlin comes over with his bottle of Tru Blood and sits down next to him.

Steve tries to introduce himself but James says he knows who he is.

Steve admits he hasn't been this unpopular since he was in 8th grade and tells James about his very horrible battles with bullies in school.

Monahan with Danny's old baseball bat from High School, and called a "hippie faggot".

After he was left in the street to die, a local vampire found James and changed him out of pity.

James is a highly intelligent vampire, and is described as sexy, compassionate, and protective.

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