Who is chris crocker dating

While their friendship remained decently quiet over the past year, their care for one another started to resurface after Aaron was hospitalized for being body-shamed by fans because of his weight.He announced that when he was 19, he was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, a medical condition makes it difficult for him to eat.

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Looking at the effeminate postures of Chris in his videos, it is not hard to deduce that he’s a gay.

He is totally open about it, and he often posts comedy skits on Twitter and Facebook regarding his sexual orientation as well.

Chris took to Facebook to call out people who were "celebrating his downfall," rather than focusing on his new music, which Chris said he had worked hard to create.

In the video, however, Chris said that though he consider he and Aaron friends, that he didn't know him that well.

I grew up in this entertainment industry at a very young age, and when I was around 13-years-old I started to find boys and girls attractive.

There were years that went by that I thought about it, but it wasn't until I was 17-years-old, after a few relationship with girls, I had an experience with a male that I had an attraction to who I also worked with and grew up with." RELATED: Before And After Pics Of Aaron Carter Following DUI & Drug Arrest Show The Toll Addiction Has Taken On Him "To me, music has always been my temple. I never want to be a figure of disappointment." "The best quote to sum; 'I never felt as though I didn't belong, I just acted as though I did,' — Boy George." Obviously, the world is happy for Aaron, and I hope that this is the start of him finding some peace in life.

Chris posted the above photo that same day he was on the phone with Aaron, and that same day, Aaron tweeted "Looking forward to laying on my couch hanging out with my bulldog baby and watching Netflix #The Single Life." I mean c'mon guys, just tag each other already.

Chris Crocker is a household name in the vines industry known for his witty vines and You Tube videos depicting random moments of his daily life.

Rumors of their romance were squashed after Aaron announced he was dating Madison Parker, a celebrity photographer.

But they broke up the same week he posted about his sexuality AND he and Chris have started tagging each other in cute photos once again. In February of 2016, Chris posted some snuggly photos with Aaron.

He posted another video on Instagram defending the singer, but that has also been deleted. They recently started posting photos of each other again. 14, Aaron posted a screenshot of a Face Time call he shared with Chris.


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