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Carly likes to point out the shortcomings of her husband, Jason, on-air. In an unrelated development, Rosen visited Carly in the hospital following the birth of her child. This caused her to once yell "DO NOT PUT THAT BANANA NEAR ME! She claims to have a framed black banana on the wall near her bathroom.

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We shoot seven and a half episodes in one week.” The actors and actresses get no cue cards or teleprompters and must learn their lines in one night to prepare for twenty scenes the next day.

interview, Jen Lilley, the actress who once played Teresa Donovan, explained that because the work schedule is so intense, actors and actresses are expected to nail scenes in the first shoot.

Turns out he got Brandon Beamer’s (who played Shawn-Douglas Brady) old room, and Brandon had never moved his stuff out … Scott also admitted that keeping things organized has never been his strong suit. 8 Who could forget the infamous portrait of frenemies Kate Robert and Sami Brady that made its way into Salem in 2014? Turns out, the idea for the portrait (and how it was laid out) came from both actresses that play these strong women on -like portrait being made was something big for producers, the actresses, and fans alike.

Alison Sweeney actually posted a behind-the-scenes video for the shoot to allow fans a little bit of a sneak peek into all the action!

One of the most popular interview in 2015, Robert Scott Wilson, the actor who played Ben Rogers, relayed the intense work schedule with the show.

The actor stated, “Most shows that you watch in prime time that are one-hour episodes, it takes them seven to 10 days to shoot one episode.She also told a story of how scared she was during a 2014 scene when Teresa was to hit John Black with a fireplace poker.Sure, the poker was rubber and actor Drake Hogestyn had a stunt double, but the poor actress was scared she’d do damage as she had to hit him right on the head … After five years of their marital relationship, the couple separated in 2007 but again reconciled in 2008 March.The couple is parents of a daughter, Isabella Reese Lowder. She is currently dating Shawn Christian whom she met on the sets of Days of Our Lives and also were spotted together during skydiving program in Sydney.In a November 2015 interview, Clark started using a little tongue in the audition kiss and Dattilo just went for it to the point where producers had to tell the two to break it up.


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