Vba conditional formatting not updating

We will achieve this with the use of Conditional Formatting.

Nothing stops you from adding an optional Low Low and High High limit, but then the number of scenarios to test will increase from 4 to 16.

0 Then b Check = True Else Msg Box "The column for check values is not " & _ "in the table. Address End If Else Msg Box "Column offset must be a whole number." & _ . Value & " is ignored." End If End If d High Then If b Check And . Value = 1 Then b Red = True Else If b Check = False Then b Red = True End If End If If b Red Then .

Now here we will do a rule based on the value of the Data Validation Dropdown in cell B1 as visible on the first picture in this post. First we select the same range of cells as we did for the first rule!! Then we select Home/Conditional Formatting/New Rule… …and in the dialog box we will write =IF($B$1=”Yes”, False, True) In the “Format values where this formula is true:” input box and set no specific format at the bottom.

We will now create a conditional formatting rule based on a formula. It’s important that we set no specific format, since this rule will only work as a switch.

The value of this property can be set to one of the constants: xl RTL (right-to-left), xl LTR (left-to-right), or xl Context (context).

The following code example sets the reading order of cell A1 to xl RTL (right-to-left).

Simply put, there are two ways to turn Conditional formatting On and Off.

The manual way will take you to the Home/Conditional Formatting/Manage Rules… But then there is an elegant way of doing this, that makes you look like an Excel Guru and that’s the one we will be learning here.

The sample table looks like this: If you leave a limit cell empty, the limit will be ignored (not tested).


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