mechanical turk dating - Validating text input

If it doesn't cause an error, than the break statement is executed, and we get out of the while loop.Note that you can do a lot more with a try statement than what I've shown here.

That’s why they’re in the Customized Elements section of the form fields list.

A common task in computer programming is to validate user input.

Say we have a number guessing game, and we need the user to guess a number from 1 to 100.

Here's how we would do it: Note that the try block is a bit different.

That's because the negative sign (-) isn't a digit.

We could maybe modify our code to check for an initial dash, but then what if we want a floating point number?

If we are doing something over and over again, we will want a loop.

If we want to do it until we get a correct answer, that means we want to break out of the loop when we get the correct answer.

This is a type of "defensive programming," where you anticipate problems and handle them before they can make your program crash. If it is not valid, we should tell the user that it is not valid, and then ask the question again.

In other words, we want to keep asking the question until we get a correct answer.

It may not be polite to say this about Fred, but it is unfortunately true.


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