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The Internet is a vast public electronic network of information.

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Check facts and data provided in an Internet source with information from trusted sources, such as government agencies and universities.

Look for a complete and comprehensive presentation of data and facts.

Research published in the International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology, looks to using a crowd-sourcing approach to the validation of medication information on one particular niche of the internet – the well-known microblogging platform known as Twitter.

Scott Duberstein, Daniel Adomako Asamoah, Derek Doran, and Shu Schiller of Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, point out that social media, of which Twitter can be said to be one of the popular, can be a very useful place to gather information.

The team has attempted to develop a system that might automate the validation of information on the internet and specifically Twitter.

It utilises the Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT) crowdsourcing platform and focused, as a proof of principle, on information about major depressive disorder, an important medical condition that is frequently discussed on social media.

Each of the criteria is described in more depth in the boxes below.

Medical information and healthcare advice abound on the internet, both genuine, science-based information as well as spurious and fake.

However, it remains challenging for the lay person to know whether the information they glean from such a system is valid or whether, in the parlance of the modern political vernacular, it is "fake news".

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