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Explicit Cursors Programmers create explicit cursors, and with these you can do operations on a set of rows, which can be processed one by one.

You use explicit cursors when you are sure that the SQL statement will return more than one row.

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We can give the cursor name instead of range limit in the FOR loop statement so that the loop will work from the first record of the cursor to the last record of the cursor.

The cursor variable, opening of cursor, fetching and closing of the cursor will be done implicitly by the FOR loop.

Programmers are allowed to create named context area to execute their DML operations to get more control over it.

The explicit cursor should be defined in the declaration section of the PL/SQL block, and it is created for the 'SELECT' statement that needs to be used in the code.

These cursors can also be named so that they can be referred from another place of the code.

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