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A picture of where the power connection is made can be found At this point if the breakout is soldered to the motherboard, you can simply connect the FFC from the breakout to the "HOST" connection on the Wiikey.

Then connect the smaller FFC to the SD card adapter.

updating the wiikey-28

Note that you navigate the menu with the d-pad with a controller plugged into port 1.

Step 5 - Uploading games If everything went well, adding games is very similar to the Updating process, except now we burn ISO files to the SD.

Now use masking tape to mask off every part higher than the top of the controller ports on the main body. Step 3 - Buttons If you didn't remove them from the main body, you can do so now.

Mask off the edges of the cylindrical buttons with masking tape, only exposing the top. The reason the sides of the buttons are not sprayed is to ensure the paint does not jam the buttons. Spray paint on a previous layer of spray paint can crack if air bubbles form on the surface.

It has since been continued, however an exact clone chip called the Wasp Fusion is still on the market.

Interestingly, the Gamecube has a disc drive that follows extremely similar communication protocols as the Wii and thus, this Wiikey device can also be used on the Gamecube, provided that you want to permanently detach the disc drive and solder the Wiikey connections to the main board.

In my opinion, the easiest thing to do is to insert the FFC into the NHD-FFC36 board and make sure that the FFC is in the right place first.

I do not know of a standard 32 pin FFC breakout board and therefore am using this 36 pin one that was suggest in a forum.

On the bottom of the cube there are 4 screws that you must use the security bit to remove.

After doing so, the whole lid assembly can be removed, and the covers for the controller ports and power/display ports should come off easily as well.

In my opinion, it is convenient to harvest the Gamecube switch for the lid open/close so you can use the actual buttons on the cube for booting.


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