Updating table while open cursor Megahookup

To indicate the ABAP processor that the following statement is native SQL statement and hence to bypass R/3 database interface, we need to precede such statement by EXEC SQL and followed by ENDEXEC as shown below: The addition PERFORMING is applicable only with the SELECT native SQL statement (also, not applicable in OO ABAP context) and calls the routine ABAP_ROUTINE after each successful call of SELECT statement.

This addition is further explained in section “Selecting data from a table”.

An implicit cursor FOR loop has a SELECT statement querying a table or a view instead of lower bound and upper bound values in the case of the traditional FOR loops.

The cursor index of the FOR loop acts as a pointer to the result set processed by the associated SELECT statement in the private memory area known as the context area in the PGA.

When a variable is used with dbs, it should be preceded by a colon ‘:’.

This representation of variable in EXEC SQL statement is called as Host Variable.

JSON_VALUE function provides an easy way to access a value for a given key, but is there a way to obtain all the key names? Hello Tom, Is there a way to identify SQL queries that are consuming the majority of the shared pool for e.g Session #1 is using 56 kbsession #2 is 10mb I would want to identify each query and the memory value it's consuming. Hello Tom & Team, Can you please provide to get the list of sql ids along with elasped times and other metrics for a given sql statment.

Once obtained, can i force oracle to use a particular sql id which was performing better ? Hi, I would like to fing whats the best way to allow user to truncate table that is own by some one else thru forms on-line basis.

Open SQL is used to access database table defined in ABAP dictionary irrespective of the database platform the R/3 system is based.

In contrast, native SQL statements are used to access database tables not defined in ABAP dictionary and hence allow us to integrate data not part of R/3 system.

They say they used row-by-row processing the lock being held on these row for long ? Is this an acceptable justification to use cursor ?


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