Updating netapp firmware

LOD file under $etc/disk_fw You will see that they will start upgrading on the background non-disruptively 3) Upgrade your shelf firmware (same day as DOT upgrade) Download the latest firmware from: https://support.netapp.com/NOW/download/tools/diskshelf/ Copy the . If you are performing a Data ONTAP NDU (or backout), you must perform this step on both nodes before performing the takeover and giveback steps.

Copy 812_q_to $etc/software Make sure that it is there: software update 812_q_-r software: You can cancel this operation by hitting Ctrl-C in the next 6 seconds.

updating netapp firmware-81updating netapp firmware-37

cmd = ngsh -c system image update -node local -package file://localhost/mroot/etc/software/812_q_-setdefault true ... Installed MD5 checksums pass Installing diagnostics and firmware files Installation complete.

image1 updated on node TOASTER image1 has been set as the default Tue Febsoftware: installation of 812_q_image 26 11:completed.

If you are upgrading storage systems in an active/active configuration, there are two methods available for updating system firmware.

• Nondisruptive: The nondisruptive update method is appropriate when you need to maintain service availability during system firmware updates.• Standard: The standard update method is appropriate when you can schedule downtime for system firmware updates.

The complete set of E-Series and SANtricity 11 documentation is available at the E-Series and SANtricity 11 Documentation Center.

Steps to determine weather a firmware upgrade is needed: 1.

Refer to the vendor advisory INTEL-SA-00213 for specific version details.

Successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities could lead to privilege escalation, information disclosure or Denial of Service (Do S).

Go to the NOW site and locate the most recent system firmware available for your storage system.

If the latest firmware version on the NOW site is Later than either the installed firmware or the firmware on the boot device, then Copy the system firmware files to your storage system.

All information is based upon Net App’s current knowledge and understanding of the hardware and software products tested by Net App, and the methodology and assumptions used by Net App. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of Net App, Inc.

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