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Again, a small dialog box will temporarily appear while the process enables itself.

If the log is currently empty, or lists no missing movies, TV Shows or episodes, then perform an Update Library and check the Event Log again.

The following methods are available to scan folders and locate new titles to add to the Library.

This is a Windows 7 machine, Kodi 17.3 scraping using local nfo files into a mysql database.

The Android boxes I have updated themselves to 17.4, so I have a mixture of 17.3 and 17.4 devices. That was the fix for the change in API's at TVDB and TMDB. If yes, then it shows you are using v1.0.0 of the scraper.

They can be performed on the entire library, a particular Source, or an individual title.

If you use NFO Files, new titles will be added to the library.There are only a few files, though, you should find them easily.)You can now close the Explorer window and get back to the Services window.From the Services window, find the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service again, but this time when Right-Clicking select Start.Unable to parse web site; might want to investigate an alternate scraper, or update what you have. I have removed shows, cleaned, readded shows that didn't scrape. The nfo files were made by Sonarr when it moves my files to my server pc.I think you might be suffering the effects of the scraper upgrade six weeks ago. Can you try that on a couple of shows and let us know the outcome. So what do I have to do to get scraping to work using local files? Why don't I have the right scraper installed if I got Kodi 17.3 from your download page? If your files are missing data, or not compatible with the Kodi, Kodi will attempt to pick up the missing meta-data from the web as per scraper instructions.Hello, Don't know exactly when this problem cropped up, but have noticed that my library does not update any TV shows when being scraped.


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