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[See our post if you are in the dark about what sitemaps are].

Once you have generated or built a sitemap: on Webmaster Tools select the domain on which it appears, select ‘crawl’/’sitemaps’/’add/test sitemap’, type in its URL (or, as you can see, the domain URL appended with sitemap.xml) and ‘submit’. Google is pretty good at crawling and indexing the web but giving the spiders as much assistance with their job as possible makes for quicker and cleaner SEO.

Once you have the relevant property listed in your Webmaster Tools account, you can then ‘perform a fetch’ on any URL related to that property.

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Updating google search results

Simply having your property added to Webmaster Tools, running Google Analytics, and then using the above tools are the foundation for getting your site noticed by the search giant.

The problem here is that Google’s search results are in a constant state of change.

First, you need to have a Google account in order to have a Google Webmaster account – from there you will be prompted to ‘add a property’ which you will then have to verify.

This is all very straightforward if you have not yet done this.

It is a slower, simpler tool without the functionality and versatility of Fetch.

But it still exists, so – it seems – still worth adding your URL to if you can.

Add URL You might also have heard of Google’s Add URL tool.

Think of this as a simpler version of the above Fetch tool.

This will give you a historical snapshot of the time span involved in Google revisiting your site.

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