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Gentoo uses this older init system by default, but is aided by Open RC.

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Gentoo Studio is not an official project of the Gentoo Foundation, of which I am a member.

This site is maintained by me, Damien Moody, a.k.a. The Gentoo Foundation bears no responsibility for the content of this site.

Th most technical similarity is that both are based upon the Linux Kernel.

While most functions may seem similar, the two are different in many ways.

An advantage of having Gentoo as the base for this distro is its package manager, Portage, which has a system of enabling/disabling compile-time options for applications.

This means application binaries can be tailored to the user’s computer hardware and the user’s needs.

Probably the biggest difference is that gentoo provides source packages while arch provides pre compiled binaries.

Arch also only supports x86 machines although it has been ported to other architectures with some success. In the installation of Gentoo, you'll be much more encouraged to compile your own kernel, an experience that any power user of Linux should go through.

The current release of Gentoo Studio is in open beta.

Before beginning an install, please make sure you are using a machine that does not contain any data you wish to keep, and that meets the following criteria: Gentoo Studio is the brainchild of Damien J. audiodef), who owns the site and spends untold hours tweaking and refining this project out of love for Gentoo, music and audio.

Gentoo Studio is an actively maintained, source-based, 64-bit desktop real-time Linux audio production system based on Gentoo Linux.


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