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Finally, to complete the upgrade reboot the v Center Server Appliance.

Select Summary from the navigator and click Reboot.

Also cross-check the compatibility of other VMware products using the Product Interoperability Matrix.

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If you are running multiple external PSCs then repeat the above process for each PSC in the SSO domain.

Do not update the v Center Server appliances until all PSC appliances are running the same updated version.

For more information on the requirements for v Center Server 6.5, or if you are upgrading from an earlier version, the following posts may be of use: Before beginning the update process take a backup and snapshot of the v Center Server Appliance.

There is downtime during the update but this is minimal – around 10 mins to update and reboot using an ISO as an update source, when using the online repository the update time may vary depending on your internet connection.

When upgrading v Sphere with an external Platform Services Controller (PSC), upgrade the PSC first, then the v Center Server, then the ESXi hosts, and finally the virtual machines (hardware versions, VMware Tools).

Prior to updating v Center ensure you have verified the compatibility of any third party products such as backups, anti-virus, monitoring, etc.

Instead you can use the HTML5-based UI to patch from an ISO or even better URL-based patching directly from the default VMware repository or your own repository.

And there you have it, that’s the process the update your VMware v Center Server Appliance 6.0 to Update 1 to gain all the new feature and capabilities in this release.

You can verify that the upgrade to v Center Server Update 1 was successful by opening a browser and connecting to the new HTML5-based Appliance Management UI (Appliance MUI) at https:// Once you’ve updated to v Sphere 6.0 Update 1, you’ll notice in the Appliance MUI that we’ve re-introduced patching capabilities.


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