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The guides below will help you find out your database host if you are unsure.

These are a few helpful guides relating to Linux and Windows databases and how to use them on each platform: Linux: If you’re wanting to create a new MS SQL database, there is a guide on how to do so here.

This file can be found in the root directory of the domain you have installed it on, unless you have relocated it.

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Each edit of the database connection strings will require the following information: Database Name: This should be the name of the database you have created.

Database Username: You should use the username used for the user to access the database here.

The variation can be a number after the prefix mysql or mssql.

These prefixes will also help you work out which version of SQL you are using.

Upon going to edit the file, you will be greeted with quite a long document.

You must find the code within the document that looks similar to this: This is where you can edit the database connection strings required to establish a connection to the database the site is using. It shows a blank page (except for the query, which I put an echo statement in to show for debugging). I do not get any errors when I try to run the PHP code by submitting the form.Database Password: You should use the password used for the user to access the database here.Database Prefix: The database prefix is similar to a nickname you give the database so you can quickly identify it when required. () Database Host: Depending on which version of SQL you are using, you should be using a variation of either mysql.uk (Sheffield) and dmysql.uk (Derby), or mssql.uk (Sheffield) and dmssql.uk (Derby).and copy/paste that SQL into the live PHPMy Admin SQL window to synchronise the live DB.


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