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I first tried the Official route & that did not help [It rarely does]. A “little” snooping did reveal that the OS 6 was released into the “wild” [read Leaked] first, & then EVEN Officially by the good guys at Vodafone Essar in INDIA! It’s as if Black Berry is NEVER sold unbranded/factory-unlocked… I have a Factory-unlocked / unbranded / plain Black Berry.. which in turn irons out the bugs & re-release the OS to the Carriers [with a slightly changed Version Information (ending with small increments in Version Number)]. Do a battery-pull afterwards and letting it reboot (take up to 2 minutes), to double check. However IT IS Carrier Dependent [e.g: Vodafone, Verizon etc].. b) Discovers some bugs reports the same to Black Berry… The phone will then boot for the first time (take up to 10 minutes), wait for the boot completely before disconnecting.

Here you need to make sure applications such as Black Berry Attachment Service, Black Berry Messenger, and 3rd Party Application boxes are ticked, and any other applications you want installed to the device and select ‘Next’.

You will see the Device Application Selection screen.

the Official route DID NOT Work & left me a bit disappointed as Normally it is the SAFEST Route & your Warranty is NOT Voided. STEPS: 1) Download & Install “Latest Version” of Black Berry Desktop Manager [BDM]. It is a Must-have companion for Black Berry Phones! Vodafone Essar LINK https://swdownloads.blackberry.com/Downloads/browse SELECT your Device… & Click NEXT Download: Black Berry Handheld Software v6.0.0.1478 (Multilangauge) File size: 150.12MB 5) EXIT BDM & INSTALL the OS.. I am assuming here that there is NO Enterprise Server running (as your phone should be unbranded / factory-unlocked). the Blackberry is given to you by your Company as it WILL Have some-kind of Encryption & Enterprise Software loaded on to it. DO NOT UNPLUG the device from the computer and DO NOT UNPLUG the USB cable from the device.

Nothing of that sort happens once you ensure some steps that I will highlight Below. FAMILIARIZE yourself [Before Proceeding] with the Manager.. DO NOT ATTEMPT to dismantle / reverse-engineer the file & try to extract the OS files… 6) Make Sure BDM is not running & Connect 9700 to the PC via Micro-USB Cable & START BBSAK. Select ‘Automatically Back Up’ and make sure you have them emails box checked if you want those restored also. This process, depending on what model device you have can take anywhere from 20-45 minutes.

Learning how to configure your Black Berry Bold's clock could save you from missing meetings and teleconferences due to an incorrect time display.

By default, your Black Berry Bold will set its time in accordance with your wireless carrier’s closest cell tower.

To prevent your Black Berry Bold from automatically updating the time based on tower location, open your Applications folder and select “Clock.” Press the “Menu” key and select “Set Time.” Click “Update Time” and change the setting from “Automatic” to “Manual,” then click “OK.” Once automatic updates are disabled, you may need to set the time manually to ensure it is correct going forward.

To do this, open the Applications folder and click “Clock.” Press the “Menu” key and choose “Set Time.” If the device is set to manual mode, click on the appropriate fields to change the time as desired. If you are a frequent traveler, you may prefer not to disable automatic updates entirely.

I did not know that TILL Very Recently [Face-Palm]. The device came pre-loaded with OS 5 [v]. Select the most recent, and then select All device data and settings, click on Restore. Loader Should detect the “Dead Phone” & suggest you to…. THEORETICALLY, you can employ this process to ALL Blackberry Phones. You Download CORRECT & RELEVANT OS for your Blackberry & then follow the process as mentioned above.


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