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Now, in the year 2142, these advances have forever changed the face of war—but its purpose remains the same: absolute destruction of the enemy." Battlefield 2142 is set in an "ice age" period of the Earth in the 22nd century (near the midpoint of that time period), where the PAC (Pan-Asian Coalition) and EU (European Union) forces fight for the remaining pieces of habitable land in North Africa and the Middle East that the ice age has not devoured in a conflict known as The Cold War.

The game features a new game mode, Titan, and is the first game in the Battlefield series not to have the United States as a playable faction.

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Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike takes place in Central and Northern Europe 6 years after the war began in 2139.

It features 10 unlocks, 3 new maps, 2 new vehicles, and a new game mode titled Assault Lines.

Maps take place in notable areas around the world that have been drastically changed by the new ice age, with some maps returning from past installments.

The base game features three gametypes with a new gametype, Titan, introduced.

Additionally, squad leaders can equip themselves with an SD-8 Accipiter sentry drone.

Weapons and gadgets are unlocked through online progression, but can also be unlocked for offline testing/causal playing using modifications.

The only proof of existence was the cover story of the PC Gamer magazine and the trailer, published on the very same magazine, until March 21, 2006, when EA/DICE announced that, the next game in the Battlefield Series would be Battlefield 2142, in their March 21, 2006 Community Update.

Several pieces of early concept art were also released onto the internet.

Additionally, it was to be the United States, rather than the European Union, versus the Pan-Asian Coalition, and several files within the game indicate the U. (most notably the texture files used by the EU and PAC, with the EU folder being labeled 'US' rather than 'EU').

Midnight Sun, a map featured in the Battlefield 2: Armored Fury booster pack, featured the Muscle Car with license plate number 2142.

Ranked points or unlocks could not be earned in the demo, though several demo servers ran their own ranking system.

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