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Students at the University of Florida can’t file a Title IX complaint form online if they go to UF’s “Sexual Harassment” page. The “Inform Title IX” page was the only one we could find that worked.

The same error appears on their “Sexual Violence Response” page.

Florida’s newspapers are a state treasure, the historian's and genealogist's best friend, and the community's collective memory.

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The “Immediate Steps” page has almost everything a victim needs: police contact, Victim Advocate information, Victim Services, Student Health Services, and more.

Another downside is a few questions relating to the Office of Institutional Equity’s (UCF administration) investigation and being wrongly accused link directly to the university’s Golden Rule, or its code of conduct.

The manual is 108 pages, and no victim is going to want to read it in its entirety to find what they need.

The Q&A had bits of useful information, but UCF should advertise its “Immediate Steps” page earlier.

It also points out that hospitals in Tampa, where USF is located, do not perform “rape kits,” which are sexual assault forensic exams.

At the bottom of the page is USF’s Victim Advocate’s contact information.

If you are seeking a pre-licensure, pre-certification, or seeking to meet continuing education requirements, UF Professional Development can help.

The majority of programs are self-paced and fully online, allowing working professionals to connect with a top-ranked university from anywhere, at any time.

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