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I don't want to hurt my girlfriend but I feel like Im cheating on her every time I thing about him. If you think she may be the type who may use this as ammunition against you, then maybe you should address the issue in another light...should I break it off with her and 'experiment' or wait until the feeling passes? instead of telling her that you have feelings for your guy friend, just explain that you have a lot of things going on in your life right now and it is going to take some time to figure out what is best for you.By the way, you're right, you do choose who you have sex with.

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Tell her that it isn't fair that she have to be included in the stress and feel that you two should not be involved in a relationship. and my self shots showing my arms and cock hehe btw try this Watch free passwod: hardzcock / di359dvaas32o Why do i only like straight guys?

Whichever route you choose to break it off with your girlfriend, you should first consider all of the possible outcomes and how they may have an effect on your forthcoming new life. so first of all i should start by saying im a gay next i have only ever had crushes on guys who are obviously straight or in a relationship and ussually are semi-douchey (very stereo typical jock mentality) im what you would consider a very straight acting gay guy (barring my music choices : P), My question is this- why am i so attracted to guys that i know are straight as an arrow and really are kind of mean to people in general.

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Ever since my gay friend hinted that he found me attractive I've been thinking about him a lot.

I've become obsessed, every time I see him hes so obviously up for it and its getting harder to ignore the feeling that I'd be up for it too.

That's why I say approach this with lots of weighed out possibilities and with utmost diplomacy. Explore you hot friend :) you may never get another chance. tons and tons of real life dudes doing selfshots and mirror pictures...showing their cocks and masturbatiing for the camera. I love to watch dudes totally naked showing their dicks and big arms. Find where you're gonna be hiding it: It would be best to hide it in a not-so-obvious place where no one's likely to look. Other common hiding places for spy cameras include: paintings, smoke detectors, clocks, lamps, dressers, shelves, ceilings, etc.

Just let your girlfriend down easily and let your friend know about your feelings. They have everything man..tons of leaked videos sent by ex girlfriends too! Do I think of guys as "Hot" "Sexy" or "Beautiful" ? btw im 25y and still like stright guys more than gay guys..i think it's normal or what? For example: Not very many normal people go looking in a plant/flower pot for a video camera all the time. Discover your own secret hiding spot(s), and nobody has to know the camera is there but you!

The only thing that tells us that you never yet met a guy you truly cared for. was 30 before he had his first true same sex crush which he recognised as such. Don't try to be straight, be yourself and do what feels right for you. But I think our sexual preferences are pretty much as hard wired as our plumbing. I suppose sleeping with a woman as opposed to being celibate is a choice.


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