Thermoluminescence dating archaeology

to the West and the Arch of Titus to che East; the sequence of human occupation in this residencial area, from medieval times down to the earliest phases of roman history, has been reconstructed. For setting up the dating thermoluminescent system of the Physics Department, several samples from excavation have been studied by the quartz inclusion technique. Since the archaeological age is in the range 630-580 B.The main results obtained during excavations consist in the discovery of remains of large houses, facing the and dating back to the 2nd half of the 6th century B. The average TL age of the site gives a value of 603 B. C., the TL data are in good agreement with the historical values.As a dating tool the TL technique has been of great success in authentication of ancient ceramic art objects.

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This paper reports the first collaboration work between the Physics Department of Rome University «La Sapienza» and the Archaeological Studies Department of Pisa University.

Questo lavoro riferisce sui primi risultati della collaborazione tra il Dipartimento di Fisica dell’Università di Roma «La Sapienza» ed il Dipartimento di Studi Archeologici dell’Università di Pisa ed in esso vengono confrontati i risultati ottenuti con metodi archeologici con quelli provenienti dalla datazione con il metodo della termoluminescenza di vari campioni provenienti dagli scavi.

MOST clays contain a few parts per million of uranium and thorium and a few per cent of potassium, so that the body of an ancient pot receives a radiation dose of the order of 1 r./g/yr., mainly from α-particles.

Some of this energy is stored in the constituent minerals of the clay either by the creation of new lattice defects or by the filling of existing impurity traps.By heating the ceramic or mineral to above 500 degrees Celcius, these trapped electrons are released, creating a flash of light called thermoluminescence.When a laser light source is used to stimulate the release of electrons, the process is called optically stimulated luminescence.A dating method that measures the amount of light released when an object is heated.Thermoluminescence, or TL, has been used since the 1950s to determine the approximated firing date of pottery and burnt silicate materials.On heating, some of this energy is emitted as visible light.


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