Thera explosion dating

Afterwards the island of Thira league with Sparta and Athens, becoming the most important Tolomei's naval base.

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Later, these islands were incorporated into Santorini: This was the island of Santorini thousands of years ago, when its inhabitants used to call it "Stronghylì", that is "Round".

After the catastrophic eruption, the peace and quiet return.

In the village of Akrotiri, it has been discovered an ancient Minoian village buried under the ash of the Volcano eruption occurred 3500 years ago.

In another village, called Palai Thera, some rests of the Hellenistic-Roman Thera are still visible.

Santorini, an island of Cyclades, is an Aegean volcanic island arc (75,79 sq. Nowadays it is just the eastern edge of an ancient crater sunk into the sea about 2000 years BC, after an explosive eruption of the Volcano.

Traces of this catastrophic event can be also found in Plato's narrations.First the population then the Volcano restarted, step by step, the normal activity.In 1300 BC, Phoenician ships arrived to the island and named it "Kallisti", later, in 1115 BC, it was the turn of the Dorians from Sparta to get off. Under the Dorians the island saw the birth of new modern buildings and villages, harbors, temples and the Alphabet.In the antiquity, the Minoans inhabited the island first.Later, during the Dorian time, in the seventh century BC, the famous Cyrene (Thera's colony) was founded.The excavations highlighted many important rests, such as: public streets, buildings, a seventh-century temple of Apollo (partially built in the rock), a school, the Agora (an open "place of assembly"), a Basilica dating back to the Hellenistic Age and restored during the Roman Age.

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