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I found myself from being kind of tense and pensive to kind of leaning being more like, ‘wow, this is kind of cool.’ And that started my journey to leading my life back the way it should.

and somehow or another, I’m met the (I’m actually getting a little choked up) she’s [Mc Cool] awesome. But anyway I ended up getting to know her and you know, I was just like ‘wow, she is really passionate about this.’ You could tell that is was genuinely this was what she wanting to do.

It wasn’t a stair step to Hollywood or anything else. So finally after a long time of her chasing me around (not true at all).

And the longer I stay, the more I’m like, getting a sour taste in my mouth.’ So making that decision to leave, was hard as it is.” If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Chasing Glory with a h/t to 411for the transcription.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated • Woman of the Year (2010) • Ranked No.

And then, it also wasn’t cool at the time to date a top guy.

So I had to struggle with you know, the heat of being with Mark and, that’s the only reason I was on TV and blah blah blah.

Finally she realized that I was not Satan.” “She wanted me to be the man that I could be and that has nothing to do with me being The Undertaker and so I went.

It was just the perfect circumstance at the perfect time. I grew up Catholic and you know so I’m thinking to myself, ‘oh man, I don’t want to kneel I don’t want to get down on the pew.’ After 17 surgeries you can figure my body doesn’t really feel good all the time.” “It was more like a conversation, you know?

Quotes from the interview are below: “What my process was, was like I have to have people invested in what I’m doing. Wrestling is you’re telling a story and you use the wrestling moves to help tell the story.

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