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Some, such as Andreas Schmidt and Steve Pugh, simply project stardates backwards from TNG, with stardate 0.0 occurring in 2323 and negative stardates prior to that.

There were also six motion pictures with the original cast, and an animated series and numerous books.

TOS stardates were four digits followed by one decimal.

Two stardates are given in the the 2009 movie, 2233.04 (when Kirk is born) and 2258.42, corresponding to January 4, 2233, and February 11, 2258, respectively.

The next movie, Star Trek Into Darkness, was released in 2013, and begins on stardate 2259.55, i.e. The third such movie, Star Trek Beyond, was released in 2016 and begins on stardate 2263.2.

Andrew Main, writing before that episode aired, also suggested that there may be less than 1000 stardates in a year based upon other references, but decided that these were mistakes.

Although stardates are used only in stories set centuries in the future, fans have used various methods to convert a contemporary calendar date into something that resembles a stardate.

The first season of TNG began airing in 1987, and the episode named "The Neutral Zone", which aired May 18, 1988, was set on stardate 41986.0 and gave the year as 2364.

Some fans, including Andrew Main and Richie Kennedy, assumed stardates roll over on January 1 every year, while others, such as Trek, used May 25, all of them assuming 1000 stardates per year.

Kellam de Forest suggested the use of the Julian day system used by astronomers for the pilot, which Gene Roddenberry adapted into stardates.

The original Star Trek TV series aired for three years in the 1960s.

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