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Type 8a - (1936 to 1939) has decorative design on large sole adjustment screw. Type 9 - (1940 to 1942) has a plain adjustment screw. The Stanley Catalog Collection, 1855 to 1898, The Astragal Press, Mendham, New Jersey 3.

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Known in Canada as the Stanley Tool Company, Ltd., the Roxton Pond factory now makes 80 per cent of all the Stanley Tools sold in Canada.

In 1920 The Stanley Rule & Level Co., for many years a full-grown organization merged with another New Britain firm, The Stanley Works.

Two small pieces of steel on the sole no longer have the decorative point shape (shield) but are rectangular.

Some models observed with Type 1 parts, but not the Type 1 cutter and frog.

The business was enlarged under Stanley leadership and Stanley "Hurwood" Screw Drivers became the biggest selling quality drivers in the world. The products of these companies, Atha Tool Co., of Newark, N.

J., and The Eagle Square Manufacturing Co., South Shaftsbury, Vt., brought handled hammers, sledges, wedges, anvil tools and carpenters' steel squares to the Stanley line.

The flexible sole adjusts by turing the large front knob.

The adjustment linkage in the #113 has a tendency to strip out and the arms holding the sole are thin strips of steel and did not hold up under heavy use.

: Henry Clark's 9/25/1877 (basic design), Traut & Richard's 3/20/1877 (cap alignment), Sargent's 6/17/1879 (sole attachment), Josef Nicht's 2/8/1876 (lateral), Justus A. Traut's 7/24/1888 (disc pivot lateral), Alix Stanley & E. care must be taken when planing that this plane is kept straight and is not skewed as is customary when using a smooth plane.

Higbee's 7/18/1933 (lever cap) Dimensions: For planing concave and convex surfaces as in circular frames and in serpentine drawer fronts.

20, 1877." Screw down lever cap with fancy cap screw.

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