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“For 2019, my goal and impact for the site is actually the same as every year — just to keep doing the job right for the good people and to try and get our website in front of as many people as possible, so more singles can find each other, which is a win-win for everyone,” Ann said. She is a prominent figure in the dating industry and has penned well over 1,000 articles on every dating topic under the sun.

She has written in-depth profiles on dating professionals, reviewed dating sites, given dating advice, and covered the latest trends in the dating scene.

“It gives me so much motivation to continue providing a caring, genuine service to genuine, lonely people.” About 20 years ago, Ann was meeting singles in chat rooms and wondering what she could do to help them get in a romantic relationship.

She was happily married, and it saddened her to realize how many of her fellow Australians were single and aching for human connection.

Ann wanted to do something to help these singles find love, and her husband Robert gave her the push she needed.

He encouraged her to start a business that would cater to the hopeless romantics of the world.

So, at a time when online dating was still a niche industry, Ann launched an Australian dating site called Spice of Life, and it took off.

This mutual matching section has been popular among active daters as it helps them encounter a lot of mutual matches with minimal effort.

Singles and couples of all ages, ethnicities, and orientations are welcome to join Spice of Life.

Since 1999, Spice of Life has welcomed online daters of all ages, orientations, and backgrounds and given them a safe space to mingle and fall in love.

When Ann Baxter visited online chat rooms for the first time in 1999, she was filled with overwhelming sympathy for the lonely hearts she met there.

Ann told us she feels duty-bound to protect her customers from harm on Spice of Life, and she does everything within her power to maintain a safe online environment.

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