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I am so sorry for causing concern to the many fans who support me. 먼저 새벽에 갑작스러운 사진으로 인해 제일 많이 놀라셨을 팬분들과 또 응원해주시는 많은 분들께 너무 죄송하다는 말씀 꼭 드리고 싶습니다… On August 24, a photo of singers Song Yu Vin and Kim So Hee kissing surfaced on an online community, sparking a flurry of dating rumors about the former labelmates.

From now on, I will work harder to show you only my best. 당시 같은 회사 동료인 친구와 서로 너무 힘들었던 시기에 응원하고 위로해주며 의지하게 되서 만남을 가졌었습니다. Song Yu Vin, who debuted as a member of MYTEEN before appearing on “Produce X 101” this year, is still signed to Music Works; Kim So Hee, who appeared on the first season of “Produce 101” before promoting both as a member of I. I and as a solo artist, left the agency in July after her contract expired.

Frank, however, is quick to point out that nobody needs musical ability to make it as rock stars in the current world.

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However, we were faced with busy schedules and many difficult situations, so we decided to go back to just being close coworkers.

I am also so taken aback by how the photo was obtained and spread. A post shared by Kimsohee (@soh_eee) on Original Article: Music Works has officially responded to the dating rumors surrounding Song Yu Vin and Kim So Hee.

Dee begins dating an amateur rapper who Dennis thinks is mentally retarded.

Meanwhile, Frank, Charlie, and Mac start their own band but can't agree on what type of music they should play.

The project is part of a previously announced multi-year unscripted production pact between Critical Content and Get Lifted.

“‘Love at First Song’ is really the best of two great genres: performance and dating, as contestants literally fall in love and make heartbreaking decisions during their duets,” said Forman and Daly in a statement.These feelings are often reflected in traditional love songs. You have the arbitrary “rules,” societal expectations, dating apps — also kissing is kinda weird when you think about it. Sometimes it helps to put things in perspective, not take ourselves too seriously, and acknowledge that there’s not one correct path to follow. The show, which is based on a format first seen on Vietnamese TV and hails from South Korean entertainment and mass media company CJ ENM, will likely try and emulate the success of Fox’s “The Masked Singer,” another adaptation of a hit Asian music show which came from a South Korean entertainment entity. “Love at First Song” pairs two singers together and has them “virtually” rehearse a romantic duet, before revealing themselves and their potential chemistry during a live performance.However, we grew distant in front of that wall called “reality” and returned to being colleagues.Today, a photo from the time we spent together was leaked illegally.하지만 바쁜 스케줄과 여러가지 힘든 상황에 부딪혀 다시 친한 동료 사이로 남기로 하였습니다. Later that morning, Music Works responded to the rumors by stating, “While it’s true that Song Yu Vin and Kim So Hee briefly dated a year ago, after checking [with them], we learned that they have already broken up.” The agency also warned that it would be taking legal action against the invasion of their artists’ privacy, stating, “Additionally, we will be actively monitoring the invasion of our artists’ privacy and other acts such as defamation of character, and we will use any means necessary to protect our artists through strong legal action without any leniency.” Song Yu Vin previously appeared in Kim So Hee’s music video for her solo title track “Sobok Sobok” in 2017.


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