Sims social dating going steady inseparable

As a result of Buzz’s and Cassandra’s behaviour, the other characters in the game began to distant themselves from the two of them.

Indeed, the characters’ perception of one another is constantly changing as the game’s narrative unfolds in accordance with the behavioural choices made by the player. First, the player clicks on one character (be it the chosen protagonist or any other character).

Then, she goes on to click on the second character with whom the first character would interact, and pick the style of interaction (insult, brag, flirt, confide etc.).

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Each character has varying moods (e.g., embarrassed or happy) as well as a unique set of personal relationships with other characters.

However, only up to eight characters can appear on-screen at any one time, even though the others can still stay in touch with each other by way of text messages.

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In essence, the player can choose to be either a vindictive or a conciliatory force in the game.

The name, , may lead the player to think that the game takes place over one week.

As the team’s advisor, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, explains it, the whole development process was like “ethnographic note-taking, but with media [.][…] The team would sit down and watch Mean Girls or Sex and the City and identify recurring patterns of social interactions” (, the creators were able to introduce what they call “social physics” into the game.

The objective is to create substantial characters with their individual histories and preferences, as well as the ability to converse in sophisticated dialogue.

In light of his character traits, the goal of making Zack the Prom King is no mean feat.


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