Adult dating maturity - Silent dating nyc

In DC, a lot of the single guys are already living in the suburbs as childless's just a different vibe here.

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Basically for a woman in NYC you just have to get really lucky.

Men have so many amazing options so they get spoiled and bratty.

Back in my single days (before 2014) I was meeting people both online and IRL and it could only be described as an embarrassment of riches.

I could literally walk outside a bar, toss a rock in the air and it would land on an attractive, motivated, employed, interesting, funny woman.

I've been at it for longer than I care to think about and it feels like it takes forever to find a guy who has his act together and is into you. The guys by contrast seem to fit into a few camps (finance bro, startup wannabe mogul, and aimless aspirational) and none of them bother putting in any effort because they know they don't have to.

And even then there's a chance that he'll just ghost you after 3 months (ask me how I know). They take care of themselves physically and aesthetically. There's blank dating profiles galore, outdated photos, and lazy uninteresting replies to messages.We've been together for a year and a half, we're living in a ridiculously tiny living situation in an excellent neighborhood.We are very committed to each other and I feel incredibly lucky to have met him.Did you use apps or meet someone the old-fashioned way?ETA: I'm probably of average attractiveness, but dress pretty well. Re: the Mc Mansion hell thing - I take your point about being open-minded, but this is one lifestyle factor that is actually quite important to me.My wife spent those same years managing her expectations.

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