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There are literally millions of women are on dating sites right now. Here’s an equation you need to know about online dating: Half-assed effort = half-assed results.

With so many women online there IS someone out there for you so the longer you sit around and delay joining a site, the less likely you are to meet someone. You must show women you’re serious about meeting someone and the best way is a fully complete dating profile.

First of all, you’ll have a lot less competition, as there will be few women who are willing to get into this type of dating game.

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Your perfect match may end up with someone else because you aren’t willing to make a move. Don’t think you can put up a few sentences in your self-summary section or use a few selfies for all your photos. Think about it, if a guy puts up 1 photo and writes “I live life to the fullest, love Netflix, and am spontaneous” in his self-summary section it shows a complete lack of effort. Because it’s vague, boring, and nothing but a cliche.

Take Nic here (and yes, this is an actual dating profile): Women see this and link the amount of effort Nic is going to put into a relationship with the amount of effort he puts into his dating profile.

As a shy guy myself, the tips below are a list of tips I created for shy guys who are thinking about joining a dating site or just need help in general. PEW Research Center found 15% of American’s have used online dating.

The first tip is to get off the fence and join a dating site. e Harmony found 47.6% of online daters are are women. This is no time to dip your toes to “see what’s out there.” This leads to my next point…

I assure you Nic doesn’t get many dates because of this section of his profile.

Nic expects women to do the work and contact him first. So take the time to put up a rock solid dating profile.

The majority of men put up a dating profile and leave it there to collect dust.

A lady doesn’t initiate relationships, ask guys out or move in for the first kiss.

Find the cause, and you will have a good shot at getting to the next level.

There are good reasons for pursuing the situation if your intuition tells you this guy is worth it.

Maybe he is coming out of a bad experience or was dumped from a relationship he hasn’t gotten over yet.


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