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While men have traditionally adopted the role of businessman and breadwinner of the family, for centuries women have been stereotypically portrayed according to four distinct characteristics: 1) A woman’s place is in the home; 2) Women do not make important decisions or do important things; 3) Women are dependent and need men’s protection; 4) Men regard women primarily as sexual objects and are not interested in women as people (Shrikhande 2003: 11).

The preconceived ideas usually make reference to cultural aspects such as patterns of behaviour and attitudes attributed to different groups of people.

Thus, the classification of individuals on different bases may lead to different categories of stereotyping such as race, nationality or gender.

When Fiona first appears, she projects the traditional heroine’s inability to act self-assertively (Rowe 1979: 237) typical of fairy tale princesses who wait sleeping to be rescued by their prince.

However, this image quickly vanishes as can be seen: Example 1 In this scene, Fiona hears the knight’s footsteps and lays back down on the bed, preparing herself for a happy ending typical of fairy tales, the long-awaited moment in which she is to be kissed and rescued.

Fiona’s deviation from traditional stereotypes is stressed by the translator when relying on the male verbal strategy of using colloquial language (Pearson (‘whisk somebody away’) in Fiona’s formal discourse.

However, her deviation is not complete asshe can be said to succumb, in both the source and target texts, to her contradictory personality relying on the characteristic feminine verbal strategy of asking rhetorical questions (“Should it not be a wonderful, romantic moment?

” and in both the source and target texts, respectively.

Direct questions are regarded as face threatening acts characteristic of male discourses in which men use them in an attempt to impose the speaker’s will over the hearer (Brown and Levinson 1987: 101-210).

Animated films have been, in principle, characterised by their simple plots and their classification of characters into two groups: the heroes and the villains.

This simplification of reality is known as stereotyping, a concept introduced by Lippmann in 1922 (1922).

However, she gets annoyed with Shrek because he is not interested in romantic interludes.


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