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But many of them can be caustic to sensitive anal tissue, or can actually make things worse, creating a mess down there.We had to design our own to get the perfect douche. The best way to get clean, involves a two step process. With that in mind, let’s examine the douche set that Toys of Eros recommends.Yup, the future has officially arrived between your legs.

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Here are a few apps that will enhance your sex toy experience.

Vibease's app connects to its Wearable Smart Vibrator so that you can control it either by moving a dot around on a screen to manipulate the strength and speed (which you can do in the moment or in advance to set a customized pattern), by uploading music so that the vibrations get more intense as it gets louder, or by synching it with the app's erotica library so that its vibrations actually match what's happening in the story.

The We-Connect app lets your partner control any of your We-Vibe vibrators so that you can enjoy an intimate experience from anywhere in the world. You can also actually manipulate the vibrator by touching, shaking, or simply breathing on your screen.

The app also provides voice and video chat, so you get the tactile, auditory, and visual aspects of cybersex all at once. It connects with an egg vibrator aptly named Little Bird.

Lovesense's paired toys "Nora" and "Max" make long-distance sex scarily similar to real sex.

The dildo and sleeve actually move in response to each other like they would if they were touching, and their accompanying Body Chat app also lets you video chat. Its interface features actual cartoons that control four different toys: a vibrating egg, butt plug, sleeve, and cock ring.Get more bang for your buck when you shop online with our overstock coupon!We’re clearing out our warehouse to make room for exciting new products.and exciting to get Your box will be personally curated by the folks at Toys of Eros., based on your specific interests and comfort level We are thrilled to be launching a sex toy box subscription just in time for Valentines day!If anything is inside the first chamber, you will expel it in We love the winter. We can really talk to you, and advise you with your shopping.

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