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But while courting online might be accessible and reasonably priced, the more adventurous suitors spend thousands of euro to check out the Olgas, Svetlanas and Natashas for themselves.

Several introduction agencies, including Love and Anastasia, arrange international dating tours through Russian and Ukrainian cities, lasting about 11 days and costing more than €3,000 each.

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In Turkey, just a boat-ride away from the beach resorts of Ukraine's Crimean coast, the influx of blondes inspired a hit song, with the chorus: "Oy Natasha, oy Natasha, oy oy." But the local women weren't too happy and took to the streets with placards warning: "Natasha go home" and "Keep your legs shut". "You can view them on our websites, and if all goes well, meet one in person." LOOKING FOR ROMANCE Founded in 1993, Anastasia claims it has more than 80 million online visitors a year and more than a million messages exchanged onsite daily.

Its affiliate programme incorporates more than a thousand dating agencies from most of the major cities of the former USSR.

A shortage of men at home and a tough economic situation are behind her motivation to look for love away from home.

"I just haven't met my 'only one' here, and I decided to try my luck somewhere in other countries -- besides, I know English," she shrugs with a matter-of-factness, adding that internet dating is common among her friends.

"The other thing, it is not right to meet a person once and then to decide to get married.

Real relationships develop with time, and time only shows what the person is all about." DATING TOURS The internet has opened up the trans-global options for romance.

The attractive 26-year-old is typical of the women featured on internet dating sites, and she says she hopes for a serious relationship.

Tatiana believes signing up to a dating website, and publishing her hopes and personal story to hundreds of potential partners, will broaden her chances for romance, and even marriage.

If they are already attached, they're convinced if they aren't pin-up girls their husbands will run away from them and they won't snap up a new one." And official statistics show these women face tough odds at home in the romance stakes -- there are 65 million men to more than 77 million women in Russia, mostly because the population never recovered from the massive losses suffered on the Eastern Front during the Second World War.

But the arrival of a large number of Eastern European women is not always welcome. "We have thousands of women from Ukraine and Russia who are smart as well as beautiful," says Mr Cervantes.

Her family supports her quest, and she believes her ability to speak English will protect her from unsavoury types.


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