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Midlanders maintain this disregard for Odessa with no reasoning behind it.

Sure, George W and Laura Bush lived there, but they left as soon as they could.

Having lived in both cities, no difference was observed except in the attitudes of the people from each city.

Odessans know that the cities are just alike, except Odessa has the University of Texas of the Permian Basin and a junior college, Odessa College.

On one end of the Winwood Mall contained a K-Mart store, while the other end contained a Montgomery Wards. The newer mall contained dozens of stores including Dillard’s, JC Penney’s, Sears, Mervin’s, Spencer’s, two music stores, several shoe stores, and many more speciality stores.

An HEB now sits where the skeleton of the Winwood Mall sat for years. Kids and their parents would flock to the water park during the 100 degree summers.

Tall weeds and graffiti have taken over and it is sad sight.

The only other city in Texas which has a replica is Dallas.

Ex-Odessans who now live in the Dallas area, Austin, San Antonio, and other cities suffer needlessly because of this loss.

Growing up in Odessa, you would always hear Midlanders talk about how much better their city is than Odessa. An airport is located between the two cities, which Midland insisted on calling the Midland International Airport.

Football is King in Odessa, as illustrated by Buzz Bissinger in his book, Friday Night Lights.


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