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Take the time a young Winston Churchill teamed up with Murdoch, after the future savior of Britain woke up in a room with a dead body in it.Other famous figures to work alongside Murdoch have included Arthur Conan Doyle, Buffalo Bill Cody and Mark Twain, who was probably the most enjoyable of all (partly because he was played by William Shatner).

After Nelson, Murdock, and Page are all working together after season three and she realizes her feelings for Matt are still strong, she needs to know if he was faithful to her or not.

She ends up learning the truth about what was going on that day and is a little embarrassed about her reaction.

What is the point of survival, if damnation is assured; if every living day brings more pain than Hell could possibly contain? Ah, but has not every Saint that existed under the Lord's Gaze been plagued with doubt? **Completed - posting a chapter every few days** Something was different about Karen Page.

Why hold a friend's hand, when your very existence threatens their life? It was almost like she returned from summer vacation with a new personality.

From the man who tricks a woman into throwing herself to her death, to the serial killer who locks Murdoch in a psychological death-trap, the surprises and shocks keep on coming.

Matt’s never going to make partner if he doesn’t show the firm he’s a safe bet — the kind of stable adult who can have a serious relationship and settle down.

But Crabtree deserves credit for his unique way of looking at the world, whether it's counting the number of times he's seen Murdoch smile, or pondering the business potential of selling meat in cans.

To think, he came THAT close to sitting on a Spam fortune.

Matt surprises Karen with a weekend camping trip in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

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