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• All faculties have undergone a forensic analysis of exam results and been involved in a data dialogue with the head teacher.• Staffing update – we have appointed new staff in – 2DHTs, guidance, Biology, Art and English.

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Sex dating in fraserburgh aberdeenshire

Previous Minutes Approval of minutes from Monday 10 September 2018 Proposed: Jodie Anderson Seconded: Claire Buchan 4. Work with agencies, there is a global Shortage in teachers 3. Laurence advised this is being looked into, but what do we offer i.e we will offer you this amount of money but you must stay for a certain amount of years.

Report from Laurence Findlay • Acute shortage in Aberdeenshire. • There are 600 qualified teachers, but are not teaching.

Additionally appointed internally 3 PTs of Literacy, numeracy and HWB.

• Successful completion of school and house captain interviews.

• Morag Rennie asked about the appeals process and what the protocol is? There is now a Clerical & Review, Mark & Review and then Exceptional Circumstances. Transitions Irene Sharp advised that there has been a review in the P7-S1 Transition.

S1 took a long time to settle so the new structure will increase the opportunity for P7 pupils to learn more about the Academy. • Parent Information Evening Start of year Wednesday 6th Feb. • Pupil Support Workers Visits WC 11th March • Moving on Days 4th and 5th March the P7’s will be split with half coming on the 4th and half on the 5th. This may take the line of an enterprise event – Visit Scotland.Morag Rennie Response – Concentrating on task so may help with social Side and making new friends. Family Learning Updates We are averaging about 25 parents to a workshop.We started with 5 members of staff but are now up to 11.• Met with the architects about final places for the refurbishment of the school.• We have a performance review with Vincent Doherty on Thursday. Behaviour • There is an ethos that if it is a supply teacher then we can misbehave.As per last meeting there have been no further bank statements. So this cost needs to be kept in mind when looking at the current balance. Head teachers Report • Staffing – we have had a number of new staff join us.


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