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Here’s another one that I like which gets many replies: “You know, you look so innocent in your pictures that it made me wonder whether you’re really like a little angel or if that’s just a facade and you’re actually the biggest troublemaker on the planet . .” When you write a first message like that, assuming that your profile is in great shape, most women will reply back.

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Plus, I’ll tell you about the things you need to avoid when messaging women online.

Also, I’ll show you how to quickly grab interest and attention with your first message so that you will get a response more often.

Finally, you should use smileys, emoticons, gifs and other similar things when talking to women online.

It’s incredibly difficult to display emotions and feelings through text, so use these things to your advantage.

Another awesome way to start conversations online that gets many replies is to write a witty first message.

That said, it may not necessarily be the easiest way because it does actually require a sharp wit and a great eye for details.

I’m not going to give you any specific example here because what you write will mostly depend on what you notice about the woman in her profile.

Also, on your sense of humor and wit, which are entirely subjective and personal.

Here are some of the best ways to start a conversation online that work: This is one of my favorite ways to start a conversation with a woman online because it gets me a ton of replies.


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