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He was born at West Middletown, Washington county, Penn- sylvania, on the 27th of January, 1828, and is a son of Joseph and Margaret (Mc Keever) Lane, the former of whom was born in Pennsyl- vania, of English lineage, and the latter of whom was born in Virginia, of Scotch-Irish ancestry.

In 1858 505 506 HISTORY OP WYANDOTTE COUNTY he was appointed postmaster of the village, and he retained this office until 1861, after which he was engaged in farming for about four years.

In the meanwhile he had also engaged in newspaper editorial work, both in a local way and as a correspondent, anil he eventually matured his powers in this line until lie became known as one of the vigorous and resourceful writers of his adopted state. Lane went to Montana, where the gold excitement was then at its height, and there he continued in the quest of the precious metal, with varying success, for nearly two years.

At the time he took up his residence here, there was a little old house upon the place, but Mr. She like- wise was a German in nationality and came to America alone when a young woman about twenty-six years of age. Possessed of many natural abilities, he has made such good use of each one that today he is one of the most prominent men in Wyandotte county, where he has resided for more than three decades. He later went to Topeka and during the six months of his residence there he helped to erect the big rolling mill in that city.

Stockhoff removed this and built his present residence upon the site. He next went to Lexington, Missouri, farmed there for a period of seven years and then came to Rosedale.

NYPL RESEARCH LIBRARIES 3 3433 08178543 2 VA y HISTORY OF WYANDOTTE COUNTY KANSAS AND ITS PEOPLE EDITED AND COMPILED BY PERL W. II THE LEWIS PUBLISHING COMPANY CHICAGO 191 1 THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY 709036 ASTOH, LENOX AND TILDt N FOUNDATIONS R 1915 L Vincent J. — Not alone does this venerable eitizen of Kansas City, Kansas, merit consideration in this work by reason of the fact that he is one of the honored pioneers of Wyandotte county, which has repre- sented his home for more than half a century, but he also has been a most prominent and influential factor in the civic and material develop- ment and upbuilding of this favored section of the state, where his in- terests have been wide and varied. dean of the newspaper profession in Kansas, as he has figured as editor and publisher of one paper for a longer period than has any other man in the state.

Though venerable in years, he retains his mental faculties unimpaired and is still actively in the harness in connection with the editorial supervision of the Wyandotte Herald, which he founded and which is published by the Lane Printing Company.

He was a man of in- dustry and strong individuality, and both he and his wife ordered their lives according to the highest principles of integrity and honor, so that they were not denied the fullest measure of popular confidence and regard in the community that so long represented their home. Lane was reared to adult age in his native town, where he duly availed himself of the advantages of the common schools and thus laid the foundation for the broad fund of diversified knowledge which he has since accumulated in connection with the experiences of a long and active business career.

He left the parental roof tree when sixteen years of age and set forth to make for himself a place in connec- tion with the economic activities of life.

This, which was built in 1891, has six rooms, and is spacious and commodious, and the barns and outbuildings are of the best type. In 1881 he bought a ten acre tract of wild land, which determined effort brought into a state of cultivation.

The many fine fruit trees have all been set out by tin- subject, about four acres being devoted to fruit raising. His first step was to build a little house, in which he lived while engaged in his fruit growing operations.

Subsequently he removed with his family to Kentucky, where he practiced with a great deal of success during the period of the Civil war.


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