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The following list looks at 10 WWE women who were reported to have dated a lot of stars while they were part of the company as well as five who can't get a date.A lot has changed in the Women's Division over the past few years and the attitudes of the women involved could be one of the main things.

Baszler has that look about her that makes many believe that she would destroy anyone who stood in her path, which is why men have cleared the way for Shayna.

Maybe she will find happiness in future but right now, she is focused on her career on NXT where she could become NXT Women's Champion at Takeover: New Orleans in a few weeks time.

Nikki is a future Women's Champion waiting to happen so her focus on her wrestling career has ensured that she has a future in the business.

It also ensures that the WWE Universe is only talking about her for the right reasons.

After Torrie left WWE she went on to date baseball star Alex Rodriguez, but the couple broke up back in 2015 after just four years together.

Torrie is rumored to currently be single even though she still looks incredible for a 42-year-old.

Shayna has since been promoted to the NXT division where she has dominated every woman that she has stepped into the ring against.

Shayna scares almost every woman on the current roster, so it seems that men aren't knocking down the door to date the former MMA star either, which could be why she's reported to be single right now.

Torrie Wilson had a lengthy tenure with WWE after she made the switch over from WCW.

Despite being part of the company for a number of years, she was unable to win any championships in the Women's Division and is now best remembered for the fact that she is a former cover girl.

Paige was the inaugural NXT Women's Champion and a former Divas Champion but her in-ring reputation isn't the topic of conversation right now.

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