Ralph macchio dating

He is a product of half Greek and half Italian ancestry.In one of his screen test in the 1980s, Macchio claimed that his family actually comes from Naples.

They are considered as the ‘it’ couple in Hollywood.

Ralph Macchio started off his movie career in 1980 with ‘Up the Academy’.

Macchio lives a very low key life and isn’t involved in any conspiracies or dating scandals.

Macchio started dating Phyllis Fierro when he was only a teenager.

Ralph George Macchio, Jr is well known American actor.

Ralph Macchio is most recognised for his roles in ‘The Karate Kid series’, ‘Crossroads’, ‘My Cousin Vinny’, and ‘The Outsiders’.

Ralph also participated in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ twelfth season.

The actor is known for maintaining a low graph in the media; he likes to keep his professional and personal life separate, which can be the reason behind his successful and happy married life.

But, the question today is not about her personal life but about her professional career. She is indeed a daughter of elite Hollywood celebrities, Ralph Macchio, actor and Phyllis Fierro, a nurse.

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