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A quick Google search reveals articles about hostility against blacks across the country, which at its “best” has included verbal abuse (like the racial epithets hurled at black soccer players by fans during matches) and at its worst has culminated in outright physical violence during games on Russian soil.It’s thus no surprise that black travellers of the present day are concerned about their safety and well-being while travelling in Russia.People were extremely polite, helpful and cordial, especially in Moscow, which is decidedly the most “Russian” of the two cities (St. I also found it to be way more touristy and easier to navigate as English, as opposed to just Russian language, is written and spoken far more widely than in Moscow). Black women that travel are less of a perceived threat than black men– blame mass media, who seem hell bent on propagating the idea that black men are imposing, dangerous, criminal. Russians in these cities are well-educated and used to both seeing and interacting with foreign visitors.

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Don’t believe the hype, in many countries Americans are put on a pedestal and given preferential treatment.

This is a question that I still find difficult to answer.

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Strangely enough, I found people treated me way more nicely when I was by myself (see my encounter above, in the shoe store) .

I speak “American” English and present as a distinctly North American person.

Petersburg– in fact, I was treated exceptionally well.

I got a *lot* of love from local people and this was shocking to me based on what I’d heard and read about race relations in Russia.

The weather is brutally cold most of the year, it has a reputation for being eye-wateringly expensive, and its sordid political past (and unstable political future) make it far more attractive to vacation in tourist hubs located in nearby Western Europe.


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