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Eclipse provides a lot of shortcuts to work efficiently with the IDE.

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The currently selected search result is also indicated via an arrow in the left border of the editor. The available options depend on the selection in the Java editor.

In most cases you should get an idea of the performed action by the naming of the refactoring operation.

Several pre-packaged Eclipse distributions are available for download.

These pre-packaged solutions are provided by an Eclipse project called the Eclipse Packaging Project (EPP).

The Eclipse Foundation validates that source code contributed to Eclipse projects is free of intellectual property (IP) issues. Contributions with more than 1000 lines of code require the creation of a Contribution Questionnaire, and a review and approval by the IP team.

The Eclipse IDE is also available as an IDE for other languages, ranging from C, C to Lua, Python, Perl and PHP.To manage the classpath for your Eclipse, right-click on your project and select You can define in Eclipse that a project is dependent on another project.If you do this, you can use its classes in the project defining the dependency.The following section describes how to create a minimal Java application using Eclipse.It is tradition in the programming world to create a small program which writes "Hello World" to the console.This article shows you the way to install the latest version of Eclipse on Linux.

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