Pocket watch illinois dating dial antedating 102e reference

As the rail industry grew in the United States, the number of active trains grew with it.

In order to use the track efficiently, companies needed to create time schedules identifying when each section of the track was safe to use.

Another iconic feature of railroad watches is their big, bold, black, Arabic numerals on highly contrasting white enamel dials with large bold hands.

The Railroad Edition case features a 3-piece design with an easily removable cam-lock bezel to access the lever.

The cam-lock function makes setting the time much easier than original railroad pocket watch cases, and it allows for a water tight seal when fully engaged. Customers have the ability to build a Railroad Edition watch using the movements listed in the Railroad Edition Watch Builder, or ask Vortic to find a particular movement.

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This is referred to as "pendant-set." A lever-set mechanism requires the user to remove the bezel of the watch and engage a lever to place the watch in setting mode.

This tedious process of removing the bezel had a very important purpose; it ensured that the time on the watch was never accidentally changed by catching the winding knob on a pocket or any number of other unintentional situations.The Illinois Watch Company was founded in Springfield, Illinois and began production of its earliest branded models in 1872, although the company had been producing small runs of watches with various other markings as early as 1869.In 1927, the Hamilton Watch Company purchased Illinois and manufactured watches in the Springfield factory up until 1932.Some of the highest end railroad watches featured what was referred to as an up-down wind indicator.This is called a power reserve indicator on modern watches, and it visually communicates how much wind remains in the watch on a sub-dial at 12 O’clock.We are focused on restoring and preserving some of the most famous railroad watches of all time such as the Hamilton 992B, Ball 999B, Illinois Bunn Special, Elgin B.

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