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Spectrum // Remember, be a rainbow in someone else's cloud……

When it is February, most of us will know that it is the only month with 28 days, some older people will just think of Chinese New Year but for the love birds, they will only have Valentines' Day in their mind.

Best tau pegi taman botani, dapat ambil udara bersih daripada bandar lepas tu boleh menenangkan fikiran. Contohnya, ada taman botani yang akan membenarkan untuk menyewa basikal untuk anda.

When you are in this restaurant, you do not have to doubt about their food quality.

Anything you pick from their menu will definitely pleased you.

black cloth is covering the front door is revealed.

A bungalow land has turned out to be an exquisite restaurant.

Just Air Asia alone has 12 daily flights to Kota Kinabalu.

Take one of the flight and dine in the the most romantic restaurant in Kota Kinabalu.

If you want to dine up close and personal with our Malaysia's pride, Petronas Twin Tower, check out this restaurant.

I would highly recommend this restaurant instead of Marini's on 57. Their food are truly different than a normal steak or pasta.

They have a very nice man made lake view but it is not air-conditioned. It is not bad if you are seating indoor too, the live band will definitely entertain you enough.

If you got no idea what she likes to eat but you want to give her the best view in the city, do consider this restaurant. They are serving Italian cuisine which is fused with Japanese style in it.

Tak tahu mana nak pegi dating dengan boyfriend/girlfriend anda? Selalu kat shopping mall je, kalau bukan Midvalley, korang pegi Sunway pula lepas tu lepak satu hari dalam mall. Bila fikir-fikir, anda pasti serabut kan nak pegi mana, nak buat apa.

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