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If you’re having frequent web browser crashes on your i Phone, here are some steps you can take to solve the problem.

That's useful, but it can also be the source of some Safari crashes on i Phone.

To turn off i Cloud Safari Syncing: If Safari is still crashing, the problem could be the website you're visiting.

Try turning off Java Script by following these steps: Isolating the problem isn't the end here.

You really need Java Script to use modern websites, so I recommend turning it back on and not visiting the site that crashed (or disabling Java Script before you visit it again).

Many sites use a programming language called Java Script to provide all kinds of features and animations.

Java Script is great, but when it's written badly, it can crash browsers.

Not ready to use the Native “Quip Document” Lightning Component in Salesforce yet?

Look no further: These are available to every user in the organization and appear inside the Apps & Templates tab at the top left, together with every other official Quip template!

To be using a website and then have it disappear because Safari crashed is super annoying.

Built-in apps like Safari don't crash too often these days, but when they do, you want to fix it right away.

Autofill takes the contact information from your address book and adds it to website forms so that you don't have to type your shipping or email address over and over.


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