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Different dating sites focus on different types of relationships, so select one that targets the kind of connection that you are looking for. With our extensive personality test, we can help you find someone who you’re truly compatible with.

Our online magazine advises you how to build an attractive profile, gives tips on writing the first message to someone new and even helps you prepare for that all important first date.

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Just over a week ago I decided to sign up for internet dating, after a particularly dark conversation in a pub about broken families and previously unsuccessful relationships.

How this inspired me to see online dating as a viable option is now beyond me, but I have the same pathetic, lustful, desires as the next person.

The first step to online dating is establishing clear preferences of what you’re searching for in a partner.

This way, you can identify exactly what qualities you’re seeking in someone.

I had genuine hope that by the following Saturday, something positive would come from my decision. The reason you sign up is out of pure desperation: no one ever signed up for internet dating after succeeding in the conventional way. The guy who wins the lottery doesn’t then switch to scratch cards because he’s on a roll.“I love going to the gym 5 times a week and I love a bit of banter.”Of course it’s impossible to accurately describe yourself over the internet so it’s all about the first meet up but you can’t get to that stage without first overcoming the fact your potential partner is a liar.

In an age where we can witness live space walks, gamble and explore the entirety of music & history via the internet, guess what? They may have listed their body type as ‘average’, but the picture they’ve uploaded conveys anything but that.

The average age of our members is 30-55 years old and 85% of our members are highly educated.

With thousands of singles choosing Elite Singles and finding love each month, don’t miss out on your chance to meet the perfect match!

Recommended Retail Price There’s an element of internet dating thing which feels a bit like putting your house on the market just to gauge how much it’s worth and how much interest it can generate.


  1. At NZDating we say the best relationships come from having fun making lots of friends - meanwhile 'the one' often magically appears!

  2. You can also text chat while you video chat using the built-in box underneath the chat.

  3. There’s also no pressure in taking things to the next level.

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